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Chair of AI3 Project Jun Murai memberikan Souvenir Buku kepada Rektor UB Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito
Chair of AI3 Project Jun Murai give book souvenir to UB Rector Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito

Universitas Brawijaya host this year’s joint meeting of Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3) and School On Internet (SOI) Asia, with mission to expand the opportunity of education through distance learning. The meeting is held for three days (21-23/10) in Universitas Brawijaya.

Head of the Information and Communication Technology Unit (TIK UB) DR. Ir. Harry S. Dahlan, MS said that the aim of distance learning is to find the solution to the need of higher education for Indonesian people, which is still very low.

The speaker, who is also a lecturer in Electrical Engineering FT UB said that the regulation on Distance Learning has been included in Higher Education Law No 12/2012. In the regulation, Distance Learning is aimed to give a Higher Education service to people who can’t access education face to face or regularly and expand access and ease the service of Higher Education in Education and Learning.

Interviewed in separate place, Raden Arief Setyawan, ST.,MT said that Distance Learning can be implemented in three forms of activities, guest lecture, training, there is also some test that might be required before attending the learning process.

“Students who participate can also receive certificate from the professor. For instance, if the distance learning is held with professor in Japan, the students who participate will receive certificate from the institute,” he said.

Nevertheless, in its implementation, distance learning also find some problems, especially related to study time.

“Problems faced currently is related to time and holiday dates. If we perform distance learning through teleconference, there is often difference of study time between a country and another. Such as when we perform distance learning on 16.00, it is 18.00 in Japan,” he said.

Joint meeting of UB and Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3) and School On Internet (SOI) Asia is an event held to discuss the development of Information and Communication Technology and Distance Learning in the future.

The event is participated by participants from 12 countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Meanwhile, Chair of AI3 Project, Jun Murai said that with the increasing amount of internet user on 2012 into 7 billion, it is an opportunity to use internet in the field of education and health.

In the field of education, the use of internet is implemented in teleconference for distance learning participated by several countries in Asia. [Oky]