To make UB as a leading university and able to compete through national boundaries in the developments, applications, services and mastery of information and communication technology (ICT).


  • To make ICT as supporting facility that provides accelaration for the progress of UB
  • To organize the process of education assisted with ICT
  • To develope and disseminate sciences, technologies, and arts supported with ICT
  • To provide integrated ICT-based services to support the process of academic activities, administratives, researches, and learning-teaching
  • To support UB’s programs toward World Class University

All activities of UB ICT Unit are intended to:

1. Give ICT supports in the implementation of academic processes, administratives, researches, community services and learning process

2. Assess ICT to ensure the availability of advanced ICT, reliable and can meet the need of university in implementating its activities

3. Develop ICT in providing appropiate ICT-based system to help the university’s activities

4. Provide ICT services to all UB academic societies without exception in order to help the progress of the university