Web publication service is provided for academic purposes, instructionals, and professionals in UB. This service must be used for academic purposes and university’s professionals. Personal web publication must be used for personal blog or commercial web which are widely available

All the usages of university webs are governed by the appropriate University IT Usage Policy and other university policies. You have to understand the appropiate IT Usage Policy and this service policy before making a blog or personal web page.

Questions regarding your account, this guide, or general web policy, please send email to UB webmaster to webmaster@ub.ac.id

UB Instutitional Web Policies
  • All of university publication services are provided for academic purposes, researches, instructionals, and professionals in UB. The university has the right to remove any material that does not comply this policy.
  • The staffs of UB IT respect the writer account privacy and do not check the content of the account’s files except when investigating policy violation. However, as a part of normal maintenance, the staffs need to move a directory to different disk partitions and review the permission of directories and files.
  • PPTI has the right to close an account due to repeated problems related to the use of inappropiate, inaccurate, or information that is not in accordance with the time, privacy, security or performance reason, universitas policy violation, or illegal activitiy including posting copyrighted material.
  • PPTI has the right to remove any materials that contain secret data such as credit card number and block an account that violates this UB policy.
  • A website is set up by an individual writer; any material that are presented without password or other limitations are freely available.
  • Because a web server is a space that is used in share, there might be some privacy losts. For example, others UB’s authorized clients can find your name easily, you e-mail address, and also file content that you post in this public space.

The general form of URL in the institutitional web server account

  • UB’s general URL is the extention of “root” URL web server that hosts your site. Generally, only the URL with the suffix of “ub.ac.id “ is hosted in UB web server.
  • Requesting specific URL is made on the basis of “who come earlier, serve earlier“ and some special URLs might be not available for you because they are already used. University webmaster also has the right to reject URL that may be used later by UB and administrator (for example, URL which contains word like “security” or “emergency”). Please contact UB webmaster if you have question regarding to URL form in UB.

Scripting and Database Access

  • To ensure the security of university’s website, the accesses to CGI scripting and MySQL database are not available in the center of campus web server (www.ub.ac.id ). Please contact UB’s webmaster if you have questions about scripting support in your site.

Digital Media or Other Large File Types and Institutional Web Server

  • University institutional web server is desained to serve web pages, and not to be used as server media for large media files or download area of any large files. You are not allowed to put any digital media files (MP3 audio, video, or any individual file which size more than 2 mb) without written authorization from the university’s webmaster. It is to make sure the appropiate function of all university’s websites and to protect instutitional web server from unusual traffic volume and requirement space that is needed by media files. PPTI has the right to remove material that exceed the normal traffic network rule.

Abandoned or ot Maintained Websites

  • University’s webmaster has the right to archive and delate a website in an institutional server that have not been edited or updated in four years or more. We have the right to archive and delete a website whose contact person can not be contacted or has been out from the university. PPTI will take reasonable steps to contact the website owner in this case, however a website that seems not to be maintained can be removed without any notification after four years of inactivity.

Policy Change and Enforcement

  • The policy of UB Institutional server might change without any notice, however we will always try to inform the major changes in policies or previous web procedures.
  • PPTI has the right to make technical changes to UB web server if it is needed.
  • UB’s webmaster team has the right to take direct action to block accounts,websites, or file types, or specific scriptings that might harm normal operation or security of instutitional web server.