This policy describes what kind of personal information that will be collected when you visit university website and how this information will be used.

Remember that although this website provides link to other websites, this policy only applies for university website (whose address ends with

Collected Information

In some site parts, you might be requested to give a little personal information to get some service access such as; registering organization membership, applying vacancy, student enrollment, etc. University might saves this information manually or electronically. By providing this information, you agree to the university and use it for the purposes that have been proved. Provided information will be store as long as needed. Personal information that is collected and/or proceeded by the university is protected based on the regulation of Data Protection Act 1998.

When you visit some pages in a website, your computer might be provided a little file (“cookie”) to regulate and improve services on the website. Cookies don not contain any personal identification information. You can set your browser to refuse or warn you before accepting cookies.

How collected information is used

Personal information that you give to the university will only be used for the stated information when the information is requested. Personal information will not be sold to the thirth party or given to direct marketing company or such organization without your permission.

Statictic and demographic information about a user behaviour might be collected and used to analyze the popularity and effectiveness of university website. Any presentation for this information will be provided in the form of aggregate and will not identify individual user.

Any question regarding the privacy of this website can be sent to:

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Phone: (+62) 0341 – 575878
E-mail: webmaster[at]