• Departments, Faculties, and Working Units are responsible for creating and updating their pages. Please always update the information in the linked page.
  • Departments, Faculties, and Working Units had to provide an English version of their site.
  • The website of Departments, Faculties, and Working Units must have an RSS Feed. If the site uses UB wordpress, then the RSS feed is automatically created. If the site of Departments/Faculties/Work Units are created by themselves, make sure there is RSS Feed feature.
  • Consider to all matters related to copyright law. Make sure you have permission to use any material you publish from the related writer or photographer. Make sure that the material is properly credited. See also the statement on legal copyright / ownership page, and link it to the page if you need it for your page..
  • At least there is one person for each Department, Faculty or Working Unit who has overall responsibility for the content of related website (website manager).
  • The website manager is responsible to ensure that the university material authors keep the material up to date and they do not put inappropriate material on the institution’s website. Authors must always assume that the content of any website which is hosted on a server owned by the university can be public (accessible to anyone), even though not intended for the public. Keeping the material in order to stay up to date and accessible is important. There is no change in these pages without notice to the responsible parties which organizing the content. For more info on this subject, please contact PPTI-UB.
  • The website manager is responsible to ensure that their sites can also be accessed by users with disabilities who may use assistive technology (such as screen readers or screen magnifiers) to read web pages. Information of university courses and study must be accessible to public. Elements and material programs which are online provided can also be made easily accessible.
  • If the displayed information bound to time limit, then the validity date must be written clearly (e.g. “Student Tuition 2001-2002″).

The standard of university website is WAI AA. The complete guide is available on W3C ( www.w3.org/TR/WCAG/).

Universitas Brawijaya is committed to deliver accessible web that can give full access about the university information, courses and activities through the web to the university community. The university is also committed to realize the minimum accessibility standards for web pages and encourage the web publishers to achieve the standard accessibility.

If you use assistive technology, and the material format from our website prevent you accessing the information, please contact the webmaster of the related web. Please contact the university webmaster contact as the second contact point after the related web site.