Wifi Standards

Wifi standards which are applied in UB are:

  1. Wifi/access point naming format [faculty/department/agency]-[name of building]-[no floor]-[serial number]. For example PPTI–rektorat lama-lt.2-01 or FE-gdg.A-lt.2-03
  2. Wifi/access point must be in the form of bridged mode, so instead of NAT to avoid the slowing connection
  3. The existing wifi must be given with IP address based on the allocation and the existing network
  4. Each wifi installation must be accompanied by giving IP Gateway to facilitate monitoring

Computer/Laptop Standards

Computer standards that will be connected in UB network are:

  1. Using recommended Antivirus by Universitas Brawijaya or its equivalent
  2. Each network cabling must be done by the relevant admin and labelled for easier maintenance

Network Equipment and Installation Standards

This standard is used to the life of the equipment to be longer

  1. Each network equipment installation must be accompanied with UPS to make it durable and to avoid damage due to electricity