Rules for University Website

Rules for the official websites under Universitas Brawijaya

Standard Accessibility 

Universitas Brawijaya is committed to deliver accessible web that can give full access about the university information, courses and activities which are offered through the web to the university community. The university is also committed to realize the minimum standard accessibility for web pages and encourages web publishers to achieve the standard accessibility.

If you use assistive technology, and the material format in our website prevent you accessing the information, please contact the webmaster for the related web. Please contact PPTI UB as the second contact point after the related website.

Privacy Policy

This policy describes what types of personal information that will be collected when you visit the university website, and how this information will be used.

Although this website provides links to other websites, this policy only applies to the university website (whose address ends with

University institutional server policy

Web publishing service is provided for the purposes of academic, instructional, and professional in UB. This service should be used for academic and professional university purposes; personal web publication must be done on a personal blog or commercial web spaces that are available widely.

All of university web space usage are governed by the University IT Usage Policy and other University Policies. Check the appropriate IT Usage Policies and this service policy before creating a blog or personal web page.

Copyright, Liability and Uses

Explaining the rules and policies related to copyright documents and web content in Universitas Brawijaya