UB Information and Communication Unit always commit to give opportunities  to the process of correction and prevention of inappropiate product. Therefore, ICT management review is prepared by considering all aspect that directly and indirectly related to the effectivity and effiency of management system. The result of managament review become the basis of system change, and even organization change in ICT UB.

ICT Management Review is conducted in several stages. Generally, the process of ICT management review are as the following :

  • The preparations of management review. Begin with the preparation of technical concept in the implementation of management review, consist of schedule, the data that is needed for management review materials, and tasks. Then, ICT plenary meeting will give feedback and approval of management review concept
  • Implementation of management review. Collecting data related to ICT program by each field refers to the quality object of ICT. Each field is given time to discuss the performance of each quality target. The discussion result is followed by a description  of obstacles, corrections and preventions/new breakthrough that is made in the implementation of its programs. The description is submitted to the ICT Chief to be complied and analyzed the effectivity and efficiency of systems.
  • Reporting management review. The compilation and analysis of the effectivity and efficiency systems in ICT is formulated in a written report. A written report concept is submitted to all ICT staff to be re-checked. Then, the revisions of the report is delivered to the UB leadership to get guidance and policies related to ICT organization.

Summary of Management Review February 2013

  1. Customer feedback via E-Complaint UB
    All customer feedback via E-Complaint has been followed as proposed solution that is discussed in the previous management review.
  2. Internal Audit
    Gap Analysis has been added to the MP of employee recruitments
  3. The analysis of goods suitability requirements have been added to the ICT needs in Manual quality
  4. The MP of Corrective and preventive actions, procedures are already completed
  5. The forms according to the MP has been added
  6. Cross references are added MP linked to clauses have been added
  7. Font in the business process  has been improved to make it more clear
  8. Maps between manual quality and MP have been added
  9. Discussion for adding Human Resources
    Some employees have already resigned, new employee recruitment is needed
    The recruitment of new employees can be immediately held in accordance with the rules and 05016 00013 MP in University

Summary of Management review December 2013

  1. Nomenclature improvements have been done to clarify organizational Structure of ICT Unit.
  2. Gap analysis has been inserted to replace the term of assess and approve
  3. Optimization of socialization to deepen understanding of the vision and mission
  4. Training and socialization to employees about the excellent service
  5. Regarding the pile of items that will be distributed to other units, it should be discussed with the university
  6. For the control of internal and external documents, corrected into one flow
  7. Need discussion about services charge and submitted to Rector for legality.