The presence of  documentation system allows the coherence between planning, implementation, controlling activity processes of UB ICT Unit. It becomes an effective communication and ensure the consistency of action to produce the products that fit to customer requirements and continuous quality improvement according to business processes. UB ICT Unit establishes and maintains documented procedures regarding to control of all documents and records related to the QMS requirements.

List of quality documents of UB ICT Unit are as follows:

  1. Visions, Missions, Goals
  2. Working Program
  3. Quality Manual
  4. MP of Documents and Records Control
  5. MP of Unsuitable Products Control
  6. MP of Corrective Action and Preventive Action
  7. MP of Internal Audit
  8. MP of Customer Handling Complaints
  9. MP of Procurement and Asset Maintenance
  10. MP of Assessment of ICT
  11. MP of ICT Development Coordination
  12. MP of Management Review Meeting
  13. MP of Drafting Rules and Guidelines of ICT Usage
  14. MP of Employee Recruitment
  15. MP of Employee Performance Evaluation
  16. MP of Correspondence
  17. MP of Usage and Filling of Administration Form
  18. MP of Filing Services
  19. MP of Service Complaints

The documents of Manual of Procedures (MP) which are related to the operations of the provision of services can be accessed on Policies and Rules.