Internal Audit Quality UKKPA Cycle 6 2013

AIM Cycle 6 Activity for ICT Unit was held on October 8th, 2013 by auditors Amin Setyo Leksono, Ph.D and Eka Wenda Satria W. This audit was to evaluate to the findings in the previous cycle. The status of findings in the previous cycle has become closed.

The scopes of AIM UKKPA Cycle 6 year 2013 are :

  1. Corrective action on the previous findings of AIM UKKPA
  2. Corrective action on the findings of ISO 9001:2008 Surveillance
  3. Implementation of SPMI based on ISO 9001:2008
  4. Implementation of SPMI based on Excellent service
  5. Implementationof website standard of work unit

Based on the audit result, there are some findings related to SMM including :

Observation Category

  1. Not all bussiness processes perform PDCA cycle and output requirement
  2. Not all services are evaluated
  3. Job description exist, but have not been shown

Category of Discrepancy

  1. The problems of internal audit result have not been looked into, and is not verified or the verification has not been documented, so the preventive and corrective action are not perfomed yet.
  2. The Management review results are not compiled into one document
  3. Human resources development are not  done consistently
  4. IKM’s grades is under 80%
  5. Internal and external achievement has yet to be informed to the stakeholder
  6. Working programs are not shown in the website
  7. Public complaint service and contact feature is avalaible in the form of helpdesk and e-complaint, but the information was not uploaded in the website