Internal Quality Audit UKPPA Cycle 4 of 2012

AIM Cycle 4 for ICT Unit was held on 19 April 2012 with the auditors: Ir. Sri Rahayu Utami, MSc., PhD and Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina. This audit evaluated the findings in the previous cycle. Some of the findings in previous cycle are still in a ‘Open’ status and is expected to be followed up immediately.

The Scopes of AIM UKPPA Cycle 4 of 2012 are:

  1. Correction of the findings of AIM UKPPA Cycle 3 of 2011 and the findings from the Second Assessment of ISO 9001: 2008 by LRQA
  2. SPMI implementation based on QMS requirements ISO 9001: 2008
  3. SPMI implementation based on Standard Excellent Service

Some findings in the audit have showed the evidence of documents and related records so that the status is ‘Close’, some other findings that can not be resolved and have been given time to revise.

Berdasarkan hasil audit terdapat beberapa temuan berkaitan dengan SMM yang meliputi :

Observation Categories

  1. Some indicators of the quality objectives are still unclear about the criteria and measurement
  2. Adding a link with the associated MP for some clauses in MM is still lacking
  3. In some MPs, they need improvement in flow chart, especially in inclusion of record
  4. In some MPs, they need to be completed and more detailed procedures and requirements
  5. It needs to include the forms of related services in MP
  6. It needs improvement in several MP titles for more details
  7. It needs the addition of a document’s map on MM

Incompatibility Categories

  1. Gap Analysis needs to be done as a basis for improving the competence and recruitment
  2. It needs an analysis of infrastructure needs as the basis for procurement of goods and services
  3. It needs a recording of the customer requirements to a product as a conformance control

Improvement of this audit results will be evaluated on AIM cycle 5