Internal Audit Quality of UKPPA Cycle 3 of 2011

AIM Cycle 3 for ICT Unit was held on September 27, 2011 with the auditors: Dr. Alexander Tunggul Sutan Haji and Eka Satria Wenda W. In this audit, they evaluated the findings on previous cycle. Generally, the findings on previous cycle had ‘Closed’ status, although there are some matters that cannot be resolved.

The scopes of AIM UKPPA Cycle 3 of 2011 are:

  1. Correction of AIM UKPPA Cycle 2
  2. The implementation of SPMI

Based on audit results, there are several findings related to QMS that include:

Observation Categories

  1. Measurement of customer satisfaction on each sub-unit needs to incorporate on ICT Unit
  2. Adding a link with the associated MP with the clause on MM
  3. Setting the font on a document to be easy to read

Incompatibility Categories

  1. Gap Analysis needs to be done as a basis for improving the competences and recruitments
  2. Needs an analysis of infrastructure needs as the basis for goods procurement and services
  3. Services based on customer demand needs a record
  4. Needs a recording of the customer requirements to a product as a conformance control

Improvement of these audit results will be evaluated on AIM cycle 4