Internal Quality Audit (AIM) of UKPPA Cycle 1 of 2011

AIM Cycle I for ICT Unit was held on 26 April 2011 with the auditors: Dr. Alexander Tunggul Sutan Haji and Eka Satria Wenda W. Based on the audit results, there are several findings related to QMS that include :

Observation Categories

  1. Documents’ format which has not followed UB’s standard
  2. customer identification and requirement need an clarity in the documents of Manual Quality
  3. It needs an exclusion for ICT Cooperation Sub Unit on organizational structure because there is no clear decision from the university
  4. The explanations of quality objectives which are not simple and concise
  5. Document revision numbering needs to be fixed

Incompatibility Categories

  1. The clarity of organizational structure needs to be repaired as it related to the communication among divisions
  2. Needs improvement on the clauses of Quality Manual which includes the visions, missions, structures, human resources, infrastructure management, quality objectives, customer satisfaction indicators and monitoring
  3. It needs improvement for management review and internal audit
  4. It needs an MP for the main process running in ICT Unit
  5. It needs an SK for MR

Improvement of this audit results will be evaluated on AIM cycle 2