Internal audit is held by Quality Assurance Center (PJM) of Universitas Brawijaya through Internal Quality Audit (AIM) UKPPA.

Internal Quality Audit (AIM) UKPPA is held in continual cycles. Auditors who are involved in AIM UKPPA consist of auditors who have experience in the implementation of SMM ISO 9001:2008. Internal audit is done after socialization, workshop about ISO 9001:2008 and assisting to make the system and documentation of SPMI..

The general scopes of AIM UKPPA:

  1. Implementation of SPMI (SMM) ISO 9001:2008
  2. Implementation of SPMI, Excellent Service Based
  3. Implementation  of Standard Website for Working Units
  4. Improverment after the findings of previous AIM UKPPA
  5. Improvement after the findings of Surveillance ISO 9001:2008 by LRQA

The Result of Internal Quality Audit UKPPA for ICT Unit are as follows:

  1. AIM UKPPA Cycle 1 of 2011
  2. AIM UKPPA Cycle 3 of 2011
  3. AIM UKPPA Cycle 4 of 2012
  4. AIM UKPPA Cycle 5 of 2012
  5. AIM UKPPA Cycle 6 of 2013
  6. AIM UKPPA Cycle 7 of 2014