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To all users of e-mail UB,

In order to increase quality of e-mail UB services and to increase the security of e-mail accounts and to avoid SPAM, then we urge all users of e-mail UB to change their password using BAIS (Brawijaya Authentification and Identification System) by accessing http://bais.ub.ac.id.

The password must have at least 8 characters which consists of letters and numbers. We hope it can be finished until 18th October 2014. When the deadline passes, we will block the e-mail accounts. To open the blocking can only be done in the Helpdesk of PPTI.


The Head of UB-ICT

For further information please contact:

Helpdesk PPTI
Gedung Rektorat Lt.2
Telp. : 0341-575878
Email : helpdesk@ub.ac.id