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Pembukaan pelatihan sistem informasi administrasi akademik oleh Kepala Unit TIK
The training of academic administration information system is opened by the Head of Unit TIK

To improve the validity of academic data and to increase the efficiency of academic process through information system, Unit TIK UB held The Training of Academic Administration Information System on November 1, 2014. The training which was addressed for KTU (the head of administration) and Kasubbag Akademik (the head of academic subpart) from all faculties was held Computer Room, Sub Unit PTIK (The Service of Information and Communication Technology), 2nd Floor of Rectorate Building, Universitas Brawijaya. The event was opened by Achmad Basuki, S.T., MMG., Ph.D., as the Head of Unit TIK UB.

The Head of Sub Unit PPTI, R. Arief Setyawan, S.T., M.T., said that this training was intented to do account verification to the access of academic information system and the supporting system. The purpose of of this verification is to record the accounts of KTU and Kasubbag Akademik. In addition, KTU and Kasubbag Akademik are expected to always inform to Unit TIK UB if there are any changes of official position. Thus, the accesses can be moved to the new officials and for the access for the former officials can be disabled.

Kepala Sub Unit PPTI menjelaskan tentang alur sistem informasi mahasiswa online
The Head of Sub Unit PPTI explains the scheme of online student information system

In this training, it explained the applications related to academic e.g., SIAKAD Desktop, SELMA (online student admission), SIREGI (student registration), SIAM (student academic information system), and SIUDA (graduation information system). While the supporting information system of academic are SIMPEL, SIADO (lecturer information system), SIMPEG (officialdom information system), ect.

SIMPEL (reporting information system) is the service of information system for finance and academic related to students. Through the academic information in SIMPEL, users can see student academic data such as, academic status, study result, graduation, and so on. While SIAKAD Desktop is an application to manage academic data such as, student biodata, academic status, lecturing, and so forth.

In addition to the introduction of academic information system and the supporting system, this training explains about the business process of adacemic administration and data verification on system. [agung]