Academic Support Services

Learning Support Services
  • E-Journal
    Online Web Journal Applications of UB
  • Digilib
    Digital Library of UB (in development)
  • E-Library
    Repositori karya ilmiah UB yang dapat diakses secara online
  • E-Learning
    Electronic learning applications
  • Blog
    Wordpress based blogging applications provided by UB for students, lecturers, and staffs.
Research and Community Service Application
  • SIM Penelitian
    System information about researches which is conducted by UB community.
Authorized Software
  • Universitas Brawijaya provides some official software applications that can be used for academic community, such as Microsoft and antivirus applications.
Multimedia Services
  • Audio Conference
    Audio Conference Services for UB community.
  • Video Conference
    Video Conference for UB community.
  • Live Streaming
    Live Streaming of various activities organized by UB.
  • Class Room Support
    IT support for teaching and learning activities.
IT Training Services
  • Information technology training in Unit TIK UB is part of the efforts to increase the quality of students, staffs, and lecturers. This service aims to introduce computer applications and internet for students in order that they can use information technology to support teaching-learning processes. This training is opened for all UB community.


For more detailed information about UB ICT services please accesses BITS.