Communication Services

Internet and Intranet Connections
Universitas Brawijaya provides internet and intranet connections via cable and wi-fi that can be used by the entire UB’s communities in faculties/departments.
Repositpory, Storage, and Data Backup Services
  • UB Drive
    Data storage in UB.
  • Singo
    A repository service of open source softwares and other supporting softwares.
Internet Phone Service
  • VoIP
    Phone service via the internet.
Official Mail and Student Mail
  • Universitas Brawijaya provides Electronic Mail (E-Mail) for academic communities (lecturers, staffs, departments, working units, and institutions) of UB in the form of official mail ( and student mail (
Hosting and Collocation Services
  • Universitas Brawijaya provides web hosting and collocation facilities for institutions in  UB.


For more detail information about UB ICT service please accesses BITS.