UKPPA Quality Internal Audit Cycle 7 2014

Cycle 7 AIM audit for ICT unit was held on May 19, 2014 with auditor Dr. Ir. Sitawati, MS and Rekyan Regasari, ST, MT. on the audit, evaluation on the findings of previous cycle was held. Findings on previous cycle has now become closed.

The scope of AIM UKPPA Cycle 7 is adjusted to the objective above, namely:

  1. Improvement based on the findings of the previous ISO 9001:2008 surveillance (SV),
  2. Improvement based on the findings of the previous AIM, and
  3. Implementation of UKPPA web standards.

Based on the audit, there are several findings related to SMM and website, namely:

Observation Category

  1. Manual Procedure of Facilities Maintenance is available, monitoring control card is available, but there is no explanation of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ condition, monitoring form should be adjusted to the MP/Work Instruction. Status is available in redmine application, then the evaluation conclusion can be used as a basis of procurement requirement analysis.
  2. Gap analysis for human resource development has been performed, but Gap Analysis for recruitment of human resource hasn’t been performed

Discrepancy Category

  1. Main menu on website is not yet standardized. No personnel resume and photo in work unit profile
  2. In the website there are no MM, MP, IK, form, Records., conclusion of internal audit hasn’t been uploaded, external audit hasn’t been recorded, management review and follow up is not available.
  3. Facility is not available in website, specific facility is still located in service sub menu
  4. Public service website is not available
  5. Management Review Document should be compiled completely in a good manner based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

Improvement on this audit result will be evaluated in AIM cycle 8